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Liguria: holiday-rentals

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Whether you prefer a historical villa on the Riviera - the Italian version of the Côte d'Azur -,
or an old tower on the seashore,
a small house in the vineyards of the cinqueterre,
or an apartment in an "agriturismo", an azienda agricola in the hills ...
... with these pages, we would like to introduce you to a number of unique and individual holiday homes and apartments all over Liguria.

In the countryside, near to the, sea or directly on the shore, each mansion offers in its specific way a setting and place for holidays and vacation, providing access to a rich past of history and civilization, as well as today's living Italy.
Always at reach - the Mediterranean sea.

These are only offers stemming from private landlords in Liguria; almost all of them are suitable for families and children.

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Riviera di Ponente, from west to east:

Ca Orsi

„in a fortified village ”
4 + 1 persons


„terrace with seaside view ”
4 persons

Torre Bonazza

„a tower on the beach”
2 + 1 persons

Antica Pineta

6 persons

Ca' Aren

„A spot for the siesta”
4 + 2 persons

Cian de basue

„where the witches were”
4 + 1 persons

Acqua e Terra

„a place for many”
12 persons

Ca du fen

„a former hay barn ”
6 + 1 persons

la sciorta

„be in good hands”
6 persons

Ca Armando

„towards Piedmont”
5 persons

Cappella Costa

„an ex-Chapel”
4 + 1 persons

Villa Costa

„A lemon tree garden”
4 + 1 persons

Villa Poggi

„an ancient family seat”
bis 6 persons

Casa Maria

„the former servant house”
2 + 2 persons

Villa Lina

„above the beach”
6 persons

Riviera di Levante:


„with an artistic note”
4 und 2 persons

Casa Reggimonti/Bonassola

„in a quiet hamlet”
6 und 4 persons

Rustico Bravi/Bonassola

„olives above the sea”
4 + 1 persons

la Casetta

„a charming residence”
2 + 2 persons

A Ca daa Colua

„at the former mill”
2 + 2 persons


„survey map Liguria”

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